Use of the Convention Card in BBO

1.      Make use of the BBO-HELP to get familiar with the BBO-CC

If you follow this link: BBO-HELP, click on INDEX (Upper left corner), chose Letter "C" and scroll to "convention card" you'll find theses topics:

All 4 links are pointing to the same very instructive page convention card

convention card:



        Bridge Base Inc. has provided two cards: one is a basic card for Standard American (BB-BASIC); the other is a more advanced card for 2/1 game forcing (BB-ADVANCED).

If you didn't change the installation folder the CCs are saved as *.txt files on your PC in the folder
  C:\Bridge Base Online\convcards
In this folder you'll find by default the 2 CCs provided by BBO.


2.     Edit your own CC. It may be interesting to you do think over every possible response.
Don't forget to save your work under a new name.
(How to do look up in the help. Good advise: try the save procedure with a few changes to get familiar.)

3.     To share your CC with your favourite partner are to possibilities:

a.      Create a table, take seats in e.g. North and South, click on the green button CONV., load your own CC using "open",click on "use".
If partner now clicks on "ours", he'll see your card.
Now he can save this CC in his PC by clicking on "save" and chosing an according name.

b.     You can send your CC as EMAIL-attachment to your partner and he can store it in his folder convcard.

4.     Ask your teacher, if she/he can provide with her/his CC.

5.     I suggest to create a BIL-CC (probable based on the BBO-provided) to be used for all not regular BIL-pdships.

2004-11-18                                                                                      Al = xx1943