How to attend

The 102-class starts this yearNov 04 2013 at 4pm EST (New-York-time)
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Material to prepare and review:
Learn to Play Bridge (ACBL)
BridgeClues Tutorial

Homework before the first lesson:
1) Download and instal on your PC Learn to Play Bridge (ACBL) and BBO 5.2.6
2) Study Taking tricks (Chapter 3 from LTPB = Learn to play Bridge)
3) Be sure to study how to win tricks with small cards in long suits,
4) Understand the term "promotion".
5) Learn to count your sure winners!
We'll do in the first lessons
Exercises in counting HCP and determing what contract to play.
Exercises in counting winners in complete deals.

The lessons will take place in the BIl at a teaching table.
Easiest way to find me: bookmark xx1943 as friend. If you see my nick in the lobby, rightclick it and chose "join xx1943's table"
I’ll initially take all four seats at the teaching table myself. We'll discuss and analyze the play.
Sometimes I'll later ask one of the students to play the hand.

Lesson 102.1. Is    cancelled this year. The topics are merged in the other lessons
   Useful tools to enjoy the course:
   How to use BBO-V5.2.6 to view my bridge-movies
   How to use the BBO-software to take and leave a seat.
   How to set different kibbing.

How to get access to our 102-board in Alfrescos Cafe Have problems? Please mail to John
We'll try to answer any other question about using the BBO-software.

The following8 lessons taking place always at Mondays 4pm NewYork-time
The lessons cover the chapters 1-9 from B. Seagram's great book "Planning the play of a bridge hand" to which I'll refer as PPB.

Lesson 102.2. More on taking tricks (Chapter 4 from LTPB)
Various finesse combinations (Compare the BridgeClues tutorial hands 1-17)
Exercises to determine how many tricks in a suit can be made depending on opponents' distribution.
Basic odds: 50% for a finesse, 75% for the double finesse and 68% for 3-2 distribution.

Lesson 102.3. How to plan a NT-contract (PPB chapter 7)
3 steps to the plan of play:
Count your sure winners. Where to look for extra tricks?
What may happen?

Lesson 102,4. Establishimg a suit in a NT-contract (PPB chapter 9)
Entries to the established tricks. Coup de blanc.

Lesson 102.5.Planning hold up play in a NT-contract (PPB chapter 8)
Hold up play, dangerous opponent.

Lesson 102.6. Plan a suit contract I (PPB chapter 1-4)
Count the losers in the master hand.
3 ways to avoid losers: Ruff, Discard; Finesse
Pull opponents' trumps if there is no reason not to do so.
Reasons to postpone drawing trumps.

Lesson 102.7. Plan a suit contract II
Use dummy’s shortness to ruff.

Lesson 102.8. Plan a suit contract III
Use dummy’s length to discard. (PPB chapter 5)

Lesson 102.9. Plan a suit contract IV
Planning when to draw trumps (PPB chapter 6)