„Defense against Suit-contracts“

1.      In suit-contracts declarer has much more different lines of play as in NT-contracts.
What makes defence against suit-contracts more difficult is for defenders to imagine, what line of play declarer will take.
All the principles defending NT-contracts are working against suit-contracts too.
But the attendance of trumps gives more possibilities for declarer and defenders.
Victor Mollo resumes in his “Card Play technique”

2.      History of my Lessons in BBO-BIL about defence against Suit

a.      2005-04-11

b.     2005-04-18 (Trump-Echo; Doubleton honours ….)

c.      2005-05-02

3.      Links


4.      Books

a.      Robert Berthe/Norbert Lebely “Gegenspiel im Farb Kontrakt” (Schritt für Schritt IV)

b.     Victor Mollo “Card Play Technique”

c.      Edgar Kaplan “Card play at Contract Bridge”

d.     Charles Goren “Goren on Play”