Playing a suit contract

There are several lines of play in suit contract and there are very different ways to make use of trumps:

1.      Preventing opponent to run a side-suit (Control of the hand; trump-control)

2.      Using shortness in dummy or declarers hand in side suits to ruff your loser (PLAN #1)

3.      Special examples of Plan #1

    1. Crossruff
      Be sure to cash your winners before the cross-ruff.
    2. Dummy reversal
    3. Partial dummy reversal

4.      Using length in dummy to set up a side suit.(PLAN #2)

5.      Using trumps to prepare a elimination.

Before drawing all the trumps be aware how many of them do you need to ruff, and to draw exactly so many trumps as you need. Opponents will try to spoil your game by leading trumps themselves or by forcing you. To cover all these problems is one of the mysteries of suit-contracts.

1. Example:     Indy from 2004_10_04 It ocurred: Plan 1: #3 #4 #5, plan 2: #1 #2 and plan 3: #6
2. Example:     Session_2004_10_09
3. Example:     Indy from 2004_10_11 Trump-control
4. Example:     Homework 2004_10_16    Session_2004_10_16 Handling the trumps

Review:            Summary 2005_02_21

5. Example:     Lesson from 2005-06-20 Advanced Trump play (Trump-control, trump-endplay. Trump-coup)

REMEMBER: The A of a suit is a very useful card. You can control the suit. Don't play the A without reason.