Play a suit contract

To play a suit-contract is a much more complicated thing than to play a NT contract.

  1. You need all the techniques, you need in a NT-contract.
  2. You must pay attention that opponents don't ruff your high-cards (winners). That means you must draw their trumps as soon as possible.
  3. You must use your trumps:
    + to prevent opponents from cashing tricks in their long suit
    + to ruff your losers (using dummy's trumps)
    + to establish a side-suit in dummy or your hand
    + to make tricks with your low trumps
    That means you may not draw too much trumps too early.
  4. Topic 2) and 3) dissent each other. So one of the main questions is when to draw trumps (at once or later) and how many rounds you have to draw.

Before you play the first card, you should ask yourself these

In contrast to a NT contract there are a lot of possible concepts of how to win your contract,as that means how to get rid of your losers.

  1. How many losers do I have?
  2. Are those losers unavoidable?
  3. Are those losers protected (how often)
  4. How can I get rid of some losers and make my bid?
    Which of the plans on the right side shall I adopt?
    1. Use dumm'y shortness for ruffs
    2. Discard my loser on dummy's length
    3. Score tricks with lower cards (finesse ...)
    4. Ruff in the long trump hand
  5. Shall I draw the trumps and how many?
    1. Do I need dummy's trumps to ruff??
    2. Is it necessary to establish a side-suit first?
    3. Do I need my own (small) trumps to make tricks
  6. What maybe dangerous for my bid??
    1. Are opponents going to ruff my winners?
    2. Do opponents the long trump hand force to ruff? May alose the controf of the hand?
    3. Are there bad breaks (in trumps) I must be care for?
#1 Use your or dummy's shortness for ruffs
Ruff your losers in dummy
Make tricks with your small trumps (partial-crossruff)


#2 Discard loser on dummy's long suit
  immediatedly on high cards
later after trumps are out on an established suit
#3 Make tricks with lower honours or low cards
(Same plays as in NT)
  Blocking and unblocking, entries ............................
Setting up a long suit, probability ............
Finesse, playing suit combinations..........................
  Endplay; use trumps to prepare (elimination)
#4 Ruff with long hand (very rarely)
  Make tricks with your small trumps (partial-crossruff)
  Dummy reversal
  Establish a suit in dummy by ruffing