Play a NT contract

Entries, entries, entries..................

Luis says:
These topics (holdup and avoidance) appear in almost all the hands you play in NT
Before you start reading my examples, maybe you are interested to look up one of Luis great lessons:


Before you play the first card,
you should ask yourself these questions:

A NT-contract is a race between declarer and opponents to establish tricks in long suits.
In most cases time is the important issue.
To win this race it is declarers duty:
  1. How many sure winners do I have?
  2. Which suit(s) will provide the winners to make my bid?
  3. What will happen, if I must give opponents the lead?
  4. Will I have a entry to my etsablished suit?
  5. Shall I hold up?
    1. Is a hold-up necessary? (Rule of 7)
    2. May the holdup be dangerous?
      1. Can opponent play through a tenace?
      2. Am I afraid of a switch to another suit?
      3. Can they attack one of my entries?
Entries ............
  1. Keep communication between his hand and dummy
  2. Destroy opponents communication.
  • We'll learn a lot of techniques to do that.