My Bidding System

1.             I need my brain to concentrate on counting my tricks, opponents tricks, opponents HCPs, distribution of the suits .......Therefore I like a system which is so simple as possible.

These are the headlines. For more information see the details.

2.             Openings:
/1, better minor minimum 3 cards12-22
/1, minimum 5 cards 12-22
12-14 NT, (15-17 if agreed)
weak two
very strong;
/3 constructive preempt exactly HHxxxxx
3 NT exactly AKQxxxx in minor; no A or K outside, no 4-card major, no void
/4 namyats 8-8,5 playing tricks in /,
/4 preempt tricks depend on vulnerability
TACTICAL preempts in 3. and seat
4 NT ACOL asking for Aces

3.             Conventions (as few as possible)
You have to discuss every of this little toys with your partner. If you play with a stranger best is to play no conventions at all. Playing rubber-bridge my standard answer to partner question "Do you play ...." is "I don't know this convention". With my regular partner I play:
Stayman; 4-suit transfers; Lebensohl
2/1 gameforce, Bergen raises; forcing 1NT and Jacoby 2NT after major-suit opener
inverted minors, weak-jump-shifts in mayors after minor-suit opener
Splinter bids, RKCB 1403, negative doubles

4.             In defense
Michaels Cuebid, Unusual NT, Cappaletti
weak-jump-overcalls, responsive doubles, 1 NT 15-17, no fit no bid

Al = xx1943