My Bridge History

1.                  I began to play bridge in 1965 when I was studying (perhaps instead of studying). We tried a lot of systems (Blue Club; Neapolitan Club; ..) but the best suited system for us was KAPLAN-SHEINWOLD (like 2/1 with 12-14 NT). In these days virtually nobody played 5-card majors in Europe.

2.                  I was young and a wild gambler. I had to learn, that psychics don't pay in the long run, because they destroy the partnerships faith.

3.                  I had a lot of success in the sixties in regionals and nationals, I won the German-Junior-Championship 1970. I played for Germany in the EWG-Championships. But Germany wasn't very strong in bridge in these days. All other European countries were better especially Italy, France, Great Britain, Netherlands, Austria ...........

4.                  After I finished my studies in 1971, I worked as teacher for math and science until 2003, I had a family and my work and no time to play bridge.

5.                  After I retired I began playing bridge again. I play once a weak in my local club "München-Planegg" or “Gräfelfing”. Our team plays in the "regional-league" (  highest league in Germany).

6.                  I play in BBO since December 2003. In the description of BBO I'm an expert, but I don't feel so.
I'm online mostly in the morning CET.

    1. I like to play tournaments and team-matches.
      You'll find me often playing Abalucy or ACBL
    2. I like to direct tournaments.
      At the moment I'm looking for a slot in the schedule for my  **Very Quick and Nice**
    3. I'm mentoring in BIL. Look here my schedule


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