Pleading for using a convention cards playing online bridge

1.     In face to face bridge the convention card (CC) is needed to inform opponents, what your agreements are. You and your partner are not allowed to use your own CC. You are expected to know your system.

2.     Inverse in online-bridge it is allowed to use your own CC. You should take advantage from the great value of having a CC. There will never be a debate about 1430, Xfers, wjs or any other convention. You can look it up in a flash, if you and your partner invested the time to create your CC.
My first question, if I play with a pickup-partner is always: Do you have a CC?

3.     BBO offers 2 different CC

a. "Old style" is easy to fill in but gives only information about opening and 1. bid from responder.
b..      FullDisclosure-cc (FD-CC) is a hard work to create, but you can include every agreement you made with your partner.

4.     Follow these steps to get familiar using a CC

a.      Get started by editing your own personal CC with your most preferred style of conventions.
      For convenience I recommend you start with the old-style CC:

                     i.     After logging in to BBO you sse in the undermost kine a green button Click on CONV.
            And a small window will show up with 3 lines

                   ii.     Click on the uppermost line "Show old style convention card window" another window will pop up.

                  iii.     BBO provides three standard CC

                  iv.     to start open one of these cards. I recommend the advanced

                   v.     Edit this CC to your taste. How to do is described perfectly in the BBO-help
Or try this one

vi.    Save the card under a name good to remember (i.e. "YourNick-personally)

b.     Share the CC with a partner you want to play with.

                     i.     Open your most preferred CC

                   ii.     Click on USE. Now partner (and opponents) can see your CC.

                  iii.     Partner should click on SAVE and choose a descriptive name.

                  iv.     Make the changes, which partner suggests.

c.      You find your CC in the BBO installation folder on your PC: i.e: C:\Bridge Base Online\convcards

d.     The CC is saved as a *.txt-file, which can be managed (copied, send by mail, shifted ....) as every other file.

5.     If there is some interest I will hold a teaching session on this topic.

2006-11-17 xx1943 (Al)