"Al and friends" in Rays-ladder


Hi everyone, looking forward to meet and play with you... I was fortunate to play in Geof's round robin and i really enjoy this form of play. So when I saw Al's note about his great idea of forming a team and play in a team league I did not hesitate a single moment.
Just a few words to introduce myself. I live in Granby, Canada. It is a small town located 1 hour east of Montreal near the Vermont border with the USA. Recently retired from IBM Canada, I am a professional accountant (CGA) and internal auditor. My mother teached me Goren in the 60's but i stopped playing after university. Starting to play again 3 years ago, i was fortunate to be able to take advantage of the BIL's lessons and it's mentor program. I play in local clubs once or twice a week but so far no tourney experience. At ease playing SAYC I have started playing 2 Over 1 a few month ago. I play the usual conventions: transfers, Jacoby 2nt, Jordan, Berger raises, 1NT forcing with 2/1,negative X and support X, DONT, NMF, FSF, splinters, RKC...etc.. My time zone is Eastern Standard time. While not ideal to play with people in the CET zone, it still leaves us many hours where we could play together ( mostly in afternoon and evening CET time).
I am vanyvon on BBO. Here is a picture of me taken last summer.
Bye for now Yvon