Interesting hands (mis)played by Al


I prepared it for you like a team match. In the open room as the hands were played at my table and in the closed room, as I think real experts should bid and play.
The precious club 8. 
Strip squeeze with endplay.
TEXAS or not TEXAS that is here the question
Tournament 2005-01-01 ACBL 48% instead of 64% (without mistakes) Teammatch 2005-06-17
HBC OvidiuBB 2006-03-27
Team-match 2005-11-14 Comedy of errors
Candidate for hall of shame Exciting match 2007-06-12 Play with the odds?
Squeeze not executed 7S another for the hall of shame Experts(?) 74 IMPs in 8 hands
5 or 3NT what has better odds Find or avoid 6 depending..... Another candidate for the hall of shame wrong timing
The next candidate for the hall of shame endplayed myself 4 interesting hands from a Ray's ladder match Too greedy and too thoughtless
Show-up-squeeze in 7 It is so easy ................... A nice endplay

Count and execute strip-squeeze
Store and unzip the zip-file to a new folder on your HD.

Count and execute an automatic double squeeze slam or not --- How to make 12 tricks?