„Defense against NT-contracts“

1.      Defenders objective is to win race between them and declarer. A pretty good overview about the necessary tools gives Charles Goren in his book from 1974 “Goren on play and defense”. I put together the important ideas.

2.      Signals are a great help for defenders to know, what to do:

a.      I give you an overview about basic-signals

b.     We made agreements for my lessons.

3.      History of my lessons in BBO-BIL about defence against NT

a.      Basic_signals.lin

b.     2005-03-07

c.      2005-03-14

d.     2005-04-03

4.      Links

a.      A great summary from R. Pavlicek

b.     The best software I’ve ever seen from Mike Lawrence and Fred Gitelman

c.      Bens (Inquiry) post in BBF on signalling

5.      Books

a.      Robert Berthe/Norbert Lebely “Gegenspiel im Sans Atout Kontrakt” (Schritt für Schritt III)

b.     Victor Mollo “Card Play Technique”

c.      Edgar Kaplan “Card play at Contract Bridge”

d.     Charles Goren “Goren on Play”