Useful links

All around BBO and the BIL

BridgeBaseOnline and Beginners and Intermediate Longue

Homepage of BBO The best place in the web to play online bridge.
Windows version 5.2.6. of BBO You need this to look up the lin-movies
BBO-Myhands To retrieve the hands you played in BBO
BIL-Library Here you find all you need to know about the BIL
BIL-Calendar Find all the scheduled lesson you like
BIL-Alfresco-Cafe Forum for all the Billies
Useful Tools  
Table of probabilities

by Al (xx1943)

Missing cards calculator MCC

Great tool to calculate possible distributions.
Programmed by Al.
Original by Theodore T. Triandaphyllopoulos

Similar tool: MCC by Richard Pavlicek

A bit more complicated but much more features
ChatAssistant Roger Pfister's great help to chat with prepared text in BBO.


List of blogs Links and pictures from the whole world of bridge Try it, you'll enjoy it Al's blog for beginners
The beer card PaulG's famous blog

My favourite sites:

Fred Gitelman famous articles

R. Pavlicek's, an inexhaustible reservoir of hints.

M. Lawrence every day one bidding and one play

M. Lawrence presents very interesting articles 

Notes from SDOTY’s lessons A great source of stuff for teachers and students

Ron Klinger on LTC “Losing-Trick-Count”

Cue-bidding to slams

Shep's great site Great collection of articles on bidding and play

Bidding Conventions and dictionary

Many useful links,

All Conventions, Bridge-dictonary

Conventions and many other helpful things

Karen’s Bridge Library with many helpful hints

Complete description of 2/1


Summaries on signals, tactics, conventions, links .......................